Founded in 1936 as a retail company linked to the German post office, The Wagner Group quickly grew into a logistics company, Wagner Spedition. Since then, our Haulage sector has served companies such as Siemens, Formula 1, and has strong links with the US Army and US Air force. The strong relationship with our clients and our ability to provide a quality service with often short notice has built our reputation as an industry-leader.


PRINT Signage

We produce everything in-house using top of the range equipment.

structural work

Our indoor and outdoor structures are custom built to fit your needs.


We use world renowned artists to deliver high quality, unique artwork for your event.

Digital Signage

From LED lighting to full bridge systems, our team of experts have you covered.

Tonnes of freight shipped for F1 in 2016

Square metres of print produced in 2016 for F1

Miles travelled by air per employee per F1 season


Using top of the range HP printer systems, our factory and mobile printhouse team produce PVC banners, mesh, Vinyl sticker, and aluminium panels to name just a few materials to produce static signage most used in stadiums and race tracks. The procedure in which we produce the signage is compliant with safety regulations and can be adapted easily should the venue have specific rules and regulations. Static signage, until now, has been our main form of branding.


Our newest venture. Complying with safety regulations of each venue/event/country we are constantly working on new projects for digital signage. Until now, we have a portfolio including temporary LED Bridge systems, LED panels, light boxes and totems. We have a team installing these in the best possible positions and operating them onsite when required.


Indoor and outdoor temporary structures produced for use within VIP hospitality suites, public areas, track and stadium signage and press conference rooms. These structures are then branded by our onsite team.


Our artist, who travels with us to most events is most famous for his work on the Parc fermes at motorsport events. In addition to this, his work includes murals and sponsor logo/artwork created freehand and/or with stencils. All ground paintings for race tracks are created using Anti slip, approved materials.

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